PostHeaderIcon How Fitted Golf Clubs Can Help Improve Your Play

Golfers are always striving to improve their games. They read tips, watch videos and visit golf pros looking for that quick fix that will lower their stroke average. Many times golfers, especially beginners, will overlook the obvious: their clubs.
A set of clubs that doesn’t fit a player is like an ill-fitting suit. A man who wears a suit that’s too tight or too baggy will not feel comfortable. Likewise, the wrong clubs can effect a golfers comfort level. It can not only his damage his confidence, but his mechanics as well.
The foundation of a good golf swing is a proper stance. Clubs that don’t fit can force a player to compensate: bending over too far for shorter clubs, for instance, or not enough for clubs that are too big. That can lead to altered mechanics, a bad swing and ultimately a wandering ball off the tee.
By contrast, a golfer who uses clubs that are the proper size, that have the correct weight and shaft flex for his swing, and the correct grips will be comfortable even before they begin their swing.
It is easy to get custom-fit clubs. And it’s worth the investment in the long run.

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